RemoteDocs® from Data-Vision Technologies, LLC. enables you to deliver documents to anyone, anywhere, anytime using a secure, internet based document delivery system. RemoteDocs allows documents to be easily sent within seconds and protects sensitive information with leading-edge security and encryption technologies. Immediate document delivery means on time closings and real bottom line results for your business! RemoteDocs delivers critical lending information where and when you need it, through the power of the internet. Point, Click, Delivered. It’s just that simple.

Increase Loan Profitability

RemoteDocs eliminates the time and expense of traditional overnight delivery. Documents may be sent to multiple recipients simultaneously. Last minute changes to your documents can be made within seconds and your revised documents can be re-submitted and made available to the recipients at no additional charge. RemoteDocs never charges for redraws! This is true loan level pricing at its best.

Three Convenient Options

RemoteDocs offers three easy and convenient methods of sending documents. They can be sent directly from our web site, our Automated Interface Module, or our scalable XML interface. Whichever method you choose, your document delivery is as easy as 3 simple steps: Point, Click, Delivered. RemoteDocs is simply the best way to deliver documents today.

Security and Encryption

RemoteDocs employs state-of-the-art encryption technologies ensuring your privacy and security. We also undergo annual SOC 2 audit, completed by an independent accounting firm.

Document Tracking and Verification

On screen delivery confirmation ensures that all of your RemoteDocs transactions are completely traceable for audit purposes. Automatic email notifications can be sent to anyone indicating your documents were successfully transmitted. RemoteDocs provides you with online history available in real time.

World-Class Customer Service

When you or your recipients have questions, we have the answers. Our award winning customer support staff provides prompt, friendly and expert assistance to keep RemoteDocs working smoothly for you. With industry established procedures in place, we are able to effectively respond to any potential issues our clients may have, resulting in a 98 percent first call success rate. Customer Support is available 8 a.m. to midnight EST, seven days per week, every day of the year (major holidays excepted). Call us toll-free or contact us online through

Ease and Security for Recipients

Since its inception, in 1998, RemoteDocs has registered tens of thousands of users worldwide. With a single user name and password, your recipients can receive documents from multiple lenders without having to remember multiple passwords. In addition, RemoteDocs can be used to transmit lock box reports, board meeting notes, payroll data and other confidential materials such as wills and trusts. Typically your files will be delivered in printer control language (PCL). The RemoteDocs R-Viewer, a true PCL interpreter, allows the viewing and printing of this type of file. However, the RemoteDocs system can accommodate any and all file formats.


Using RemoteDocs you will realize immediate and significant cost savings over traditional courier-based services. With RemoteDocs free redraw capabilities you will achieve true loan level pricing, providing you with a fixed document delivery fee per loan. Regardless of the number of redraws that may be required.

Basic System Requirements

RemoteDocs is designed to work with most users’ existing systems. Basic system requirements for you and your recipients are: a PC with Internet access, an e-mail address and a current web browser (Internet Explorer recommended).

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