Today’s borrowers are “tech savvy” and no longer satisfied with static web pages asking them to fill out a form and wait for someone to call them back. They demand customized product recommendations; competitive rates; live chat; detailed closing costs; and a fast, secure and easy-to-use application process with instant decisioning. They are looking for a customer experience that matches their lifestyle, delivering critical lending information where and when they need it.

LoanQuoter® from Data-Vision Technologies, LLC. enables you to build that online customer experience just the way you want to, meeting the ever changing needs of your borrowers. This comprehensive and cost-effective state-of-the-art web portal solution allows you to deliver that experience to increase market share while differentiating yourself in the marketplace. This enhanced customer experience is vital to closing more loans.

Fully-Automatic, Instant e-Disclosure

Let LoanQuoter automatically generate and deliver disclosure documents to your customers instantly online. Use the system’s electronic audit trail to show when disclosure documents were sent, viewed and acknowledged. You’ll shave days off of the disclosure process while gaining valuable RESPA compliance tracking capabilities.

Product Eligibility

By having the borrower answer a few simple questions, you can display only those loans which match the borrower’s criteria. This eliminates the possibility of the borrower applying for a product for which they don’t qualify.

Customer Communications Portal

With a single log-in account, your client will be able to submit an application, review saved applications and receive Loan Status information – all in a safe and secure environment.

Live Chat

Give your web site visitors live help when they need it most. Proactively invite them to a live chat with you to close the sale. Escort them through your online lending channel with co-browsing and sell “instantly” by chatting with them. Build confidence and trust with your customers by showing them that a live agent is just a click away.

Controlled Access for Branch Locations and Loan Officers

Through the LoanQuoter site configurator you can easily manage your main site, branch sites, and loan officer sites. You have total control at the corporate level or you can allow your branches and loan officers to manage and edit their individual sites.

Testing and Staging Area

Create new pages and make changes to your web site without worry. LoanQuoter provides direct access for your compliance department before your customers ever see the modifications. Publish your live site only when you’re ready.

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